please. Thanks guys, good track Transfagarash not Nordschleife, but ok. Assetto Corsa Caterham 7 Super Sprint Download, Assetto Corsa NISSAN SKYLINE BNR32 Gr.A TAISAN 1993 Download, Assetto Corsa VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE - THE ROTTEN SOUL. Pre-Order. A new milestone for driving simulations." Link is in the description. All rights reserved. MadZ . I am pretty sure this is not a track, its just a road. (If you can get hold of the creator) *terrain & all collisions are now on physical mesh set to NOT RENDERABLE AC TRAXX (Assetto Corsa ) AC TRAXX / VR DRIVING – RACING SIMULATION TRACKS for Assetto Corsa. Assetto Mods is a large collection of quality Assetto mod links found online. Hi, i am trying to download this track but the download on racedepartment seem to be down :/. That footage was then projected onto Assetto Corsa, for a very believable drive on the Transfagarasan – which is one of the world’s most spectacular roads as … ; Archives. Latest updates on Main Page cause this link isnt working -.-. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), On our site you will find quality mods including tracks from the AC Track Reboot Project, ACU, Rainmaker and more. Press J to jump to the feed. for rFactor2 (rF2) Pre-Order BUY HERE. TRANSFAGARASAN Laserscanned Assetto Corsa (AC) / Transfagarasan North / PUBLIC beta v0.6 DOWNLOAD Created by Goibaka MVTRACKS. Hey guys, sorry for the delay but finally got onto the creator of the track and i have a patched version of the surfaces.ini to download which will fix the track. Assetto Corsa was not designed for maps/areas this size, so there are limitations within the game engine. you need to download a hotfix for the surface.ini to remove the sound file. +renamed almost all materials and objects … made with passion for simulation . It doesn’t crash but it just sits on the load screen, left it going for 10-15mins once and still nothing? Packages that include this app. Today I’m taking a look at the new Audi R8 Assetto Corsa Mod by the VRC Modding Team.... Read More. Nie je to okruh, ale kľukatá a kopcovitá cesta z bodu A do bodu B. Aj vďaka tomu je to veľmi zaujímavá trať. ARAD Race Track (Israel) created with high-res photogrammetry. Lenght 23.6 km Here we have the North and South Section of Transfagarasan. The full run of Transfagarasan is over 90km (60mi) long and was built as a strategic military route. Please update map to 1.1 Game version!! Home / AC TRAXX (Assetto Corsa ) Showing 1–12 of 53 results ... TRANSFAGARASAN (Romania) v1 .2. Assetto is a cool game, but it's a very better game with all theses cars and tracks. It is a stunning track to drive up or even try drifting if you are keen enough! you need to download and replace the surfaces.ini file in the track folder. for Assetto Corsa (AC) v1 BUY HERE. Upload to some other page than freaking Mediafire, download speed 25kt/s. 64.7k members in the assettocorsa community. optimization Posted by ... TRANSFAGARASAN DN7C (Romania) / beta v0.7 released for official beta testers 4 years ago Assetto Corsa GrandPrix 1996 Mod 1.20 € 9.99; Assetto Corsa Grand Prix 2002 Mod € 9.99; Assetto Corsa Classic Sports Cars Mod € 7.99; Assetto Corsa Grand Prix 1995 Mod 1.30 Transfagarasan north patrí medzi najzaujímavejšie trate dostupné pre Assetto corsa. User account menu. So, First, I want to thanks modders for their job. Virtual Drift Championship . Assetto Corsa > General Discussions > Topic Details. One of the highest roads in Romania, the Transfagarasan Road has been named "the best road in the world" by the Top Gear presenters. Je rýchlejšia ako Trento Bondone, má viac roviniek a rýchlejších zákrut. terrain, roads & trees shaders improvements i also have the issue with the v1.1 of the game. Your friend can go and register at the official Assetto Corsa forums, linking his Steam account that has AC in its library as proof to the developers its owned and a legit copy- then all the information there will be presented to them. 3. transfagarasan. After that it works. Apr 5 @ 6:20am Transfagarasan mod download link? The full run of Transfagarasan is over 90km (60mi) long and was built as a strategic military route. *all doubled, tripled, quadrupled (…) materials were deleted Assetto corsa : your driving simulator new grass, cliffs and far terrain textures AUTOBAHN Country Club (USA) laserscanned . rF2 Pre-Order BUY HERE. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. and more…, Assetto Corsa Transfagarasan North & South Hill Climb Download. Sunday Drive in Mixed Reality to one of the best mountain roads in the world - Transfagarasan in Romania (Mod by SIM TRAXX). 95/100 - IGN Italia "Assetto Corsa is the Stradivari, the lasagna, and the Ferrari 250 GTO of video games: pure, crystalline Italian excellence. Miro and where did you get the file please? by ... scale model of the 23.6 kilometer long road into the popular racing simulator Asetto Corsa. Collection of quality track mods. Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server Steam charts. Ide o úsek z Transfagarašskej magistrály v Rumunsku. AI traffic mod already included. (DIPS are down from around 6-8k (in v0.5) to 1.5-2.5k (in v0.6) ) Top Gear went there once. Thanks for the help with the problem surfaces.ini. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I can’t load any of the variants of this track. It is a stunning track to drive up or even try drifting if you are keen enough! Assetto Corsa Mods. Recent Comments. 64.0k. ... Assetto corsa : your driving simulator. © Valve Corporation. (hillcllimb or rally tracks like Transfagarasan for exemple) on a lot of tracks, AI is ok, but it turns on the grass just before the finish line. GET THE BEST DEAL FOR MORE THAN 40 REAL WORLD TRACKS FOR ASSETTO CORSA. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Can u plz made a straight road about 60mi for top speed check, the track load but the game don’t start .she get me back to menu. Thanks for letting me know Guys, link is updated ! Assetto Corsa Mixed Reality – Drifting at the Transfagarasan highway 08/07/2016 Assetto Corsa Leave a comment After last week’s Project CARS based Mixed Reality VR video, Marcel Pfister now went back to the Assetto Corsa simulator to record some road car action. I have a bug on point to point races with AI. TRANSFAGARASAN NORTH (Romania) v1 FREE ULTIMATE By SIM TRAXX net / Laserscanned VR tracks, cars, mods for driving simulations Your email address will not be published. The sound file is now outdated for version 1.1 of AC. 93/100 - … So it ruins the race Hi there, +KSTREE shaders for trees (more improvements to tree shaders soon) To install mod just copy the folder to C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\ SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\ content\tracks. Log In Sign Up. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. Can you get this fixed? Assetto Corsa mods Assetto Corsa mod, Assetto Corsa dream pack, Assetto Corsa gameplay Assetto Corsa review Assetto Corsa drift Assetto Corsa oculus rift Assetto Corsa gameplay pc Assetto Corsa multiplayer Assetto Corsa lotus 98t Assetto Corsa g27 Assetto Corsa lamborghini Assetto Corsa Track Transfagarasan North HillClimb, DownHill for Assetto Corsa. Haven’t gotten the game yet and this map looks SO epic, Did i do anything wrong coz the lenght of the track game showes me 236m not 90km, The download link doesn’t work, very sad because i’d die to drive on this , is there any page where i can download that amazing track ? , @SMJ If you’re like me and can’t wait for Miro to respond you can temp fix it by going to the folder then data then open the surfaces.ini and under SURFACE_2 delete the stuff after WAV=. Version 0.8 New surface with cracked road mesh. With 1.1 asetto update: track loads, but if you touch side of road with just one tire, the track drops out to main menu!! TRANSFAGARASAN NORTE (Rumanía) v1 FINAL LIBRE Por @[582045915179920:274:SIM TRAXX net / Laserscanned VR tracks, cars, mods for driving simulations] SubID Name Billing Type Last Update; 0: Steam No Cost: 9 December 2020 – 21:01:56 UTC: 44581: Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server Developer Comp CD Key: 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC: 44582: Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server for Beta Testing CD Key: Any ideas? Does anyone have a link for the "transfagarasan" map? Fixed it for me but might be missing a sound effect. All mods tested. ULTIMATE CLASSIC. April 2020 Have been also having the same issue as Miro. TRANSFAGARASAN laserscanned (1cm) AC Early Access BUY HERE. When you visit Romania, a ride on this scenic mountain road is a must. Hi, i am trying to download this track but the download on racedepartment seem to be down :/ The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to … Tracks for Assetto Corsa. As one tire goes to drive off road, the game brakes down. Cars mods: If any car does not sound, please, use this fix to resolve the issue: sound fix for AC 1.4 "Assetto Corsa is a shining masterpiece of virtual motorsport, a new standard for the future of driving simulators." AC TRAXX is Now OPEN new tracks for Assetto Corsa and more.. here you can find info about new tracks for Assetto Corsa and more.. AC TRAXX is Now OPEN. The all-new ASSETTO CORSA physics engine uses practical knowledge acquired from working closely with the elite of motorsport in order to engineer the highest accuracy in physics and a highly connected feel to the cars and the road. I felt some shaking was a small price to pay to be able to drive these amazing roads. Don't forget to delete previous version. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Located 3 hours north of Bucharest, a trip on the Transfagarasan offers you some of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe, a look into the fascinating rural life in Romania and into the spirituality and history of the country. Browse our huge database to download Assetto Corsa mod cars and tracks. Fandom Ruck. When you start moving, and actually driving, this shaking will gradually reduce. A WordPress Commenter on Hello world! Thanks!